10 Tips for “Non-Sucky” Remote Sales Meetings

10 Tips for “Non-Sucky” Remote Sales Meetings


Even before the virus hit, we witnessed many leaders struggle to have engaging sales meetings that actually improved sales. Now with most sales teams operating remotely, the situation likely hasn’t improved. Working apart, it’s easy to let these meetings slide and not conduct them at all, or just slip into bad habits and have boring, time-wasting ones. So here are ten suggestions to help sales leaders effortlessly conduct better remote sales meetings. And many of these principles can be applied when everyone is back together.

Cameras on. Everyone – no excuses. Since there is no longer “water cooler” conversation it is […]

Some Gloomy, But Fixable, Selling Stats

Some Gloomy, But Fixable, Selling Stats

We have known for years that the percentage of salespeople who hit quota is pathetically low. Regardless of what statistics you check, all entities that track and report on it show the quota achievement around or below 50%.

In 2018, CSO Insights reported that 54% of all sales reps met their quota. And for the same year, Forbes stated that 57% missed their quota.

Regardless of which information you believe, the fact remains that quota attainment is low. If given a letter grade, it would equate to an “F.”

What’s causing it to happen?

Are leaders setting quotas too high? Or are […]

Is the Pendulum Swinging Back?

If it isn’t obvious from my many posts using the Objective Management Group’s database, I love to mine facts on salespeople. I’m fortunate to have access to this large database and all the information it provides. And recently I’ve noticed a slight trend shift regarding how salespeople are motivated that needs to be shared.

Motivation Changes

In February 2019, the breakdown looked like this:

And as of November 2019, it looked like this:

To break it down, in just nine months’ time our data on over 550,000 salespeople indicates a 60% increase in the number who are motivated by rewards, recognition, and money from […]

When to Set the Sales Hot Seat Heater to Burn?

When to Set the Sales Hot Seat Heater to Burn?

Football season is here again and with it comes the inevitable placement of some coaches on the proverbial hot seat. Expectations are high for certain colleges, as usual, and a couple of those schools’ seasons have not started well. But just how much time should these teams’ coaches be given to turn a program around?

I heard a sports talk show debating this topic the other day and it got me thinking about the same situation in sales. How long should a seller be given to hit their goals? How long should a manager be given to turn their team around? […]

Sales Manager Clean Slate Checklist for the New Year

It’s a new year! One filled with hope and promise – a clean slate – and, yes, new sales goals. Hopefully, you experienced a good year last year and got to celebrate a little or even a lot. Now, it’s time to move on to attacking the goals for this year.

Here is a quick checklist for sales managers to make sure you have everyone focused correctly.


Each individual salesperson must know what’s expected of them regarding sales. This includes where the sales need to come from – will it be from new clients, an expansion of existing clients, or some combination […]

Do Your Sales Managers Feel Like Babysitters? Part Two

Do Your Sales Managers Feel Like Babysitters? Part Two

Do Your Sales Managers Feel Like Babysitters?  Part Two

In Do Your Sales Managers Feel Like Babysitters? Part One, we talked about the situation where the sales manager or business leader becomes a babysitter because he or she would rather not have the conflict associated with holding the sales reps accountable to necessary activities regardless of their business performance.

In this article we will take a different approach regarding why you might be feeling like a babysitter.  Maybe you get frustrated because they don’t go do the necessary work, like you did when you were a sales rep.  After all, they are paid […]

Spend 80% of Your Time on These Five Areas and Watch Your Salespeople Excel: Second of a Five Part Series

Most sales managers spend the majority of their time doing activities that don’t really positively impact their salespeople’s success. Being pulled in many different directions, many tend to get mired down in the paperwork associated with a sales manager’s job rather than dealing with the “people side” of the job. The results come from the people, so focusing efforts on the sales people will pay off.

Motivator:  Many managers feel like salespeople should come motivated to do the job.  Unfortunately, most salespeople need help in that area. It’s the sales manager’s job to know how to motivate his/her individual team members. […]