Crazy Sales Figures From A Must Read Blog Post by Objective Management Group’s Dave Kurlan

I welcome you to read the following Dave Kurlan post taken from his blog Understanding the Sales Force as it reports interesting sales figures that every sales manager should know.

Did you know that “6% of new reps exceeded expectations and 48% failed”?

Top 5 Insights From Latest Sales Organization Studies

Dave Kurlan is a top-rated speaker, best-selling author, sales thought leader and highly regarded sales development expert.

The folks over at IKO Systems were nice enough to send me a collection of infographics which they call 66 Crazy Sales Figures.  I finally had a chance to read through it and found 5 sales figures which, after I […]

Cold Calling in the 21st Century

Braveheart Sales Performance recently conducted research on the subject of cold calling in today’s atmosphere. This information is presented in the white paper, Cold Calling in the 21st Century.

I have been telling salespeople for years that if they must cold call it is because they are not getting enough good quality leads, referrals and introductions.  So if they must, they must, but it is a hard way to achieve sales success.  I have also been telling any sales manager who will listen that one will have significantly more success by prioritizing their calling efforts first – “Whom does the salesperson […]

Sales Managers: Focus on Three Items

Sales managers have many things to handle, stress about, deal with, fix, etc.  Do yourself and your team a favor and spend the bulk of your time focusing on the big three:


First we need to revisit a topic I have written on previously… leading and lagging indicators.  Lagging indicators are highly important, but are a historic view.  In sales, lagging indicators are the closed business your team generated.  You and your team CANNOT control the amount of closed business the team generates, but can control the activities preformed every hour of every day, which help to influence the amount […]

Loyal Customers Are Always Best, Right?

I wanted to share this document written by Michael Smith of The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. Smith is the Director of Corporate Partnerships, and is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Logistics. I welcome you to read this article and take a look into the details of loyal customers.

Loyal Customers Are Always Best, Right?
Or, as Lee Corso might say, “Not so fast my friend”
By: Michael Smith of The Ohio State University

Countless research, articles, books and presentations have preached the value of customer loyalty and quantified it in terms such as “9 times more profitable” […]

When the Leading Indicators Aren’t Followed with Lagging Indicators

I wrote last time about focusing on the leading indicators – the number of discovery appointments.  To continue with our example from last time, the salesperson needed 8 discovery appointments per month, because we calculated a 25% closing ratio off of their initial discovery appointments, and the salesperson needed to close 24 accounts for the year, or 2 per month.

What happens when your salespeople aren’t closing business at the rate expected?  It is time for coaching intervention.  There are really only two reasons why salespeople fail:

1) They aren’t doing enough of the right activity
2) They aren’t very good […]

Think Leading Not Lagging by Answering Three Questions

It is that time again when all sales teams start with a fresh slate.  We’re back at ZERO and we have new goals to meet.  Do yourself and your sales team a favor, and make 2013 the year of the leading indicator.  This only requires a little up-front work on your part.  Just determine the answers to the following three questions:

What is the most important activity that your salespeople can do that opens up an opportunity?  In most selling situations, it is the initial discovery appointment where one either determines they have a live opportunity or not.
What percentage of these activities […]

How to Motivate Without Bonuses

I worked with a client throughout 2012 who had to change their compensation plan early in the year to a fixed salary plan, which eliminated bonuses for its salespeople. The sales manager was very uncomfortable with this scenario, because he was highly money motivated.

The good news is that despite the sales manager’s fear about his team performing, they did, in fact, meet their goal for 2012. I guess this really does prove that motivation comes in all different shapes – not just in the form of money.What we learned through using our standard analytical, data-driven analysis with the client is […]

What is Your Sales Team’s “Why”?

I recently read the book, Start with Why by Simon Sinek.  It was written for business owners, and it carries a great message about being able to articulate not only what you do and how you do it, but why you do it.  I went through the exercise for Braveheart Sales Performance and it helped me describe more precisely what we are really all about.  Our “why” has never been about generating income, but is about much more.  Revenue is merely a by-product.

Then I thought about the “why” concept as it pertains to salespeople and sales organizations as a sub-segment […]

Help Your Representatives Get Things Done

I am reading the book Getting Things Done by David Allen.  Although the book was written in 2001, the principles are still relevant today whether using paper based organizing tools or advanced electronic tools such as smartphones and tablets. I know, you are thinking “Great here we go with yet another time management book.”  Yes it is a book dedicated to organizing and productivity.  As a matter of fact the sub-title is “The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.”  That is what grabbed me.  I must say that I am not even halfway through the book yet, and I am captured.

The book’s […]

Show ‘Em

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I held The Braveheart Games, a client event where we shot all types of guns, threw hatchets and rocks, and caused a few explosions.  The shooting skill of the participants ran the gamut of experience.  I witnessed one of the range safety officers helping a relatively inexperienced shooter with an AR-15 rifle in fully automatic mode.  Instead of just telling her to push her left hand forward, he gently touched her hand and showed her what he was describing.  He had her perform the skill with his guidance.

This is a great teaching lesson […]