Improve Sales Results. Spend More Time Coaching, Motivating and Holding Salespeople Accountable

Improve Sales Results. Spend More Time Coaching, Motivating and Holding Salespeople Accountable

As you think about planning for the upcoming year, it’s likely that your thoughts turn to sales growth.  Frequently, I hear from CEOs and business owners who are concerned that their sales team will again not produce the sales growth results they would like.  But, frequently they aren’t willing to do anything different.  Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

I say, if you aren’t sure about your sales team, look to the sales manager(s) first.  Are they coaching, motivating and holding the sales team accountable to well-defined activities every single week?  Are they spending 80% of their time on these people […]

Have Your Sales Team Go for No and Watch Sales Results Soar

I just finished a great easy read book by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. Go for No!: Yes Is the Destination, No
Is How You Get There. [Vancouver, WA]: CourageCrafters, 2008. Print.  It is a great book, not just for salespeople but for anyone who is letting self-imposed limiting beliefs get in the way of success.  One of the common weaknesses we find in salespeople when we evaluate them is that they have a high need for approval.  They need to be liked more than they need to close the business.

You may have some of those folks on your team as well.   They don’t […]

The Power of Habit for Sales

I just finished reading a great new book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  It is a fascinating glimpse into our brain and the power that habits can have on us, both positively and negatively.  As I was reading I could not help but think of the application to your sales force.  Do you have salespeople who routinely execute at the top of the pack?  It is almost like a habit that they will perform.  As you watch your salespeople, are there some that seem to have a morning routine, socializing with work mates, a couple stops at the coffee pot?  Do they […]

Spend 80% of Your Time on These Five Areas and Watch Your Salespeople Excel: Third of a Five Part Series


Are you committed to the growth of your people? As their leader, you should be. Part of your role should be mentoring them to obtain their goals. Another part of your role is to help your people grow, both as salespeople and as people. As their leader, position yourself so they look up to you as a resource for their growth and development.  Get in the habit of conducting a goal-setting workshop with your salespeople every year.  This should encompass personal goals, not just company goals.  Go through the process of getting them to visualize themselves in the future.  […]