Onboarding Salespeople is Critical to Success

Onboarding Salespeople is Critical to Success

There are many sales managers and business leaders who believe that if you hire the right salesperson you can just turn them loose and they will excel.  Not true.

The first 90 days (if not longer) are nearly as critical as following a solid recruiting and hiring process.   First, “A” players will not settle for “B” management so you need to have a disciplined approach to onboarding and ramping up.  Second, you need to be able to articulate why customers buy from you, and how you are differentiated (or not) from your competitors.   Then be able to equip them with a […]

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Building Your Sales Force: Fourth in a Five Part Series

In my experience as a sales performance expert, I have learned that mistakes are better teachers than successes.  With that in mind, it is my hope that there will be some valuable lessons for you as we review some of the most common mistakes to building a successful sales force:

Mistake #4:  There is no sales process in place. 

Very few companies have defined what differentiates a closable opportunity from a prospect, or understand how to move the prospect along to becoming closable.  They may not have defined whether or not to produce a proposal.  Frequently there is confusion as to the […]

Spend 80% of Your Time on These Five Areas and Watch Your Salespeople Excel: Fifth of a Five Part Series

Performance Master: 

As long as revenue growth is the scorecard for a salesperson, you will need to be the scorekeeper. All salespeople must be held accountable to a goal. The more easily quantified it is, the better. Break the revenue goal down to a monthly, weekly or daily goal; whatever is appropriate for your business. Hold your individual salespeople accountable for their goal. If they are not meeting an acceptable level of performance, intervene, and do it quickly. Do not accept excuses from salespeople based on the economy, the market, or the competition – just hold firm and expect them […]