Recession Proof Your Sales Team

Recession Proof Your Sales Team

Face it, even before COVID-19, we were long overdue for a recession. Most “experts” predicted one would occur last year, in 2019. So, guess what? We got an extra year of unprecedented expansion.

And guess what else has happened since the last recession? Many salespeople have become complacent. In the pre-virus economy, life was grand. Anybody and everybody were buying. There was so much demand that it didn’t matter if an individual could sell on value and differentiate – they sold. Not because they were good, mind you, but because the buyers were buying.

Those times were so happy that most employers […]

Beliefs Are More Powerful than Skills

Beliefs Are More Powerful than Skills

I heard author and motivational speaker, Gabby Bernstein, doing a radio interview recently. In it, she made the statement, “Beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking.” It resonated with me. She was specifically talking about fear and how it becomes not only a habit but an addiction. I, of course, thought about it from the perspective of sales.

Beliefs Limit Success

We know that an overwhelming number of salespeople are sabotaged by their own beliefs. Regardless of an individual’s current success in sales, they can limit that success just based on thoughts they repetitively think. Of the last 100 salespeople we analyzed, […]

5 Things Leaders Should Consider as We Emerge from the COVID-19 Crisis

While the pace and timing of when the economy will begin to operate again is open to debate among leaders and people alike, it will open again. As a sales leader, here are 5 things you should think about as the nation emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.

For more insight into what the post crisis world might look like, read Lessons from the Last Economic Crisis for COVID-19. You can also get a copy of our Sales Action Planning Playbook by clicking here.