Sales Training & Development

Improve sales skills with multi-dimensional and customized training solutions.

Sales skills cannot be learned in a once-a-year seminar. Therefore, we utilize a blended learning approach where we tailor solutions to individual sales team members. We use a blended learning approach combining live group interactions, companion web-based reinforcement material customized for the individual, and one-on-one coaching to produce superior skill development.

For Teams

We use a holistic approach to helping an entire team improve their sales effectiveness which includes:

  • Integration of a repeatable sales process to produce predictive sales results
  • Sales Leadership coaching for sales team leaders to give them the confidence and skill to lead effectively
  • Group workshops to practice skills, raise everyone’s game, and customize concepts for the real world
  • Individualized cloud-based curriculum tailored to the needs of the individuals to provide specific skill improvement as needed
  • Individual private video skill practice to take the burden of role-playing off the manager’s plate

For Individuals in the Security Industry

Finally, an option for independent security dealers with few salespeople and individual professional salespeople in the Security Industry.

We use a blended learning approach to help individuals hone their skills and execute at a higher level with more ease and confidence.

  • Know where you are in the sales process and know when to “fish or cut bait and move to a new fishing hole”
  • Improve your efficiency and management of your time
  • Gain confidence in dealing with price sensitive customers
  • Close more business more quickly
  • Create a constant flow of referrals and prospects

Sales Team Leaders and Managers in the Security Industry

Most managers are never taught effective and efficient ways to lead a sales team, and may become frustrated by their own lack of results or those of their team.  You may be the owner of the company as well and may not have the ability to consistently pay attention to insure your salespeople are doing the right thing.  To help you manage and lead the sales team with more ease we have created an easy to follow program specifically for you.

  • Access to templates and resources to help you lead your team with ease – no need to create your tools from scratch
  • Improve your confidence in holding salespeople accountable to certain behaviors
  • Improve your ability to coach and motivate salespeople to help them achieve their best results
  • Gain access to ideas and suggestions to integrate marketing with sales for maximum effectiveness
  • Reduce your frustration with underperforming sales reps
  • Implement an easy and effective way to run a productive sales meeting
  • Conduct pipeline reviews with ease to create velocity of deal flow
  • Learn tips to attract and retain the best salespeople for your positions
Sample Sales Development Curriculum Titles
  • Account Development Strategies
  • Buy Cycle
  • Concept of Money
  • Covenants
  • Emotional Discipline
  • Goals
  • Listening
  • Meetings
  • Need for Approval
  • Negotiation
  • Personality Profile
  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Questions are the Answer
  • Relationship Fundamentals
  • Relationship Advances
  • Sales Ladder
  • Supportive Beliefs

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