About Braveheart Sales Performance

Braveheart 'brav-hart noun 1: A courageous warrior 2: One who steadfastly fights for a noble cause

Improving sales performance with Braveheart’s tested suite of solutions.

We help your sales team become courageous warriors in the selling profession. In the process we help your company improve sales productivity and effectiveness, which boosts your company’s revenue and profitability. We utilize a comprehensive approach incorporating in-depth analysis, customized training, and one-on-one coaching.

We believe that the selling profession is an honorable one, and support the notion that skill improvement increases sales success. Further, one cannot help sales teams improve unless the areas of need within each individual are clearly understood. We therefore engage in a thorough analysis process, including the use of state-of-the art evaluation tools to identify areas for improvement. We can uncover both the obvious weaknesses as well as the hidden and not-so-obvious weaknesses that prevent sales professionals from excelling. We also identify the economic benefit to the company of improving the sales professionals’ skills.

We also believe that it is fruitless to engage in occasional or once-a-year training seminars to help professionals improve their sales skills. It takes customized curriculum reinforced over a period of time for new skills and behaviors to become permanent.

  • Braveheart has changed the sales effort from a haphazard, "grab what comes and occasionally find a gem" system to an efficient, organized program that is measured and has had very strong sales growth for our company.

  • Braveheart personnel are very motivated and motivating. The experience, proven methods and upbeat attitude that they bring to the table are extremely valuable to any sales organization. I would highly recommend their services.

  • I have been in and around sales a long time and this is absolutely the best program I have experienced.

  • Through a variety of efforts, we have increased both the average installation revenue per rep and the average RMR sold per rep considerably over last year. Braveheart has helped us upgrade our sales team to achieve this improved efficiency and increased effectiveness.

Gretchen Gordon


Gretchen provides the leadership for all business activities and directs the overall strategy of the firm.

Sharon Crowley

Office Manager

Sharon is the Office Manager who keeps the trains running on time after 30 years in the banking industry.

Pam Rodefer

Sales Growth Specialist

Pam is a Sales Growth Specialist bringing a strong background in Sales Management, Recruiting, and Sales Training and Development.

Marsue Sams

Sales Growth Specialist

Marsue is a Sales Growth Specialist who brings over 20 years of award winning corporate sales and sales leadership experience. She works with clients to develop, improve and implement successful sales and sales process strategies that deliver results.

Delana Schutte Smith

Sales Growth Specialist

Delana is a Sales Growth Specialist who brings over 30 years experience in the banking industry, having been a frontline salesperson and manager as well as a corporate sales and services trainer.

Mike Shannon

Sales Growth Specialist

Mike is a Sales Growth Specialist who brings over 30 years experience.  He specializes in working with clients in financial services, manufacturing, distribution, construction and electronic security.


The Office Greeter

Peanut is the resident Office Greeter.  His job is to bring a smile to everyone’s face throughout the day.

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