Why Your “Hot” Leads Aren’t Buying

Why Your “Hot” Leads Aren’t Buying

Marsue Sams is a Sales Growth Specialist with Braveheart.  She is a passionate sales strategist and coach with over 20 years of award-winning corporate sales and sales leadership experience.  Marsue has written multiple sales guides and motivational sales programs for a wide variety of organizations during her time in corporate America and has spoken at national and regional user-group meetings.

I have seen many sales people fall into the habit of believing that anyone who requests information about your product or service is ready to buy. This is a dangerous mindset and a huge time and resource waster.  Learning how to properly […]

Ours Is a Relationship Sale.  C’mon Man.  That’s Stupid.

Ours Is a Relationship Sale. C’mon Man. That’s Stupid.

If I had a nickel for every time a CEO told me that their business was different.  That their products and services were sold based on relationships, well I’d have hundreds of nickels I guess.  But I bet that if I could speak to thousands of owners and CEOs they would tell me the same thing and then I’d have thousands of nickels.  Everybody thinks their products and services are special.  That the clients buy based solely on the relationship.  Heck this belief is propagated by the salespeople themselves.  They stake their claim.  Forge the relationship and then hunker down.  […]